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Lessons at Music Go Round Lincoln


Music Go Round offers bass guitar lessons, but does not offer any other lessons at this time. 


Bass lessons are available from:


Andy Hall - Renowned in the local jazz scene, Andy has been playing bass professionally for nearly 40 years. Holding a Bachelor's in Music Education from UNL, Andy has been educating musicians for most of his life, and has played professionally with countless big-name acts. Despite a deep jazz proficiency, Andy's repertoire spans many genres, and can cover nearly any style of play you can imagine in his lessons. 

For more information about scheduling and availability, contact Andy at 402-467-2752


Ron Synowicki - Ron is a Lincoln native, and another UNL graduate, having a masters degree in electrical engineering. Ron has been teaching bass at Music Go Round for many years, and his easy-going nature makes him an engaging and effective teacher. Ron also has playing experience across dozens of genres, and can help you learn just about any techinique or style in the book. 

For more information about scheduling and availability, contact Ron at 402-423-7970


For Guitar Lessons, Music Go Round refers our customers to either Blue Raven Studios, or Lee Lohrberg at Dietze Music South

For Stringed Instrument (violin, viola, cello, mandolin, banjo, etc.) or Piano Lessons, we refer to Nissa's String Studio

For Drum Lessons, we refer our customers to Jason Varga Drum Lessons